Move quickly to get rid of obstacles and prepare your tree for trimming.


Trim the trees based on the shape guide. The more accurate you are the greater the rewards.


Guides won’t last forever. Can you remember the guide shape to finish trimming your tree.


If you think trimming trees against the clock is challenging, try dealing with garden critters and weather conditions.


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Tree Trimming

Shape your trees according to the desired shape to receive gold coins.

Garden Tools

Select a garden tool from the tools table to start to trim your tree.


Purchase power-ups to aid your trimming.

Topiary Judges

Finished your tree? Tap the Gnome to have your trees rated by the Topiary Judges.

Tree Decorating

Paint and groom your tree to achieve perfection.


Garden Critters

Clean up worms and other unwanted pests that prevent tree trimming perfection.


Challenge your friends.

20+ Achievements

You finished the tutorial level and unlocked the Topiary 101 Achievement, well done!

Hours of Entertainment

Discover 6 different themed towns and over 30 levels.

Child Safe

Game is suitable for all ages.


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"I love this app! I highly recommend it!"

- Sue Lue 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Absolutely brilliant!"

- John Dennis 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I can't imagine my life without it!"

- Anna L. 5/5 Stars!


Six towns, 30+ levels, hundreds of trees!

SCREEN Tree shaping
SCREEN Tree painting
SCREEN Obstacles
SCREEN Reverse triming
SCREEN Paint palette
SCREEN Tool upgrades
SCREEN Tree regrowth
SCREEN Power-ups
SCREEN Main Menu
SCREEN Town select
SCREEN Setting the scene
SCREEN Level progress
SCREEN Level challenges
SCREEN Level summary
SCREEN Bonus time
SCREEN Multiplayer

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30 second animated summary

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